High Availability Network Function Virtualization
(HA -NFV) orchestration

Securing Virtual Network Function Placement with High Availability Guarantees

A Decision Support System (DSS) with graphical interface for Virtual Network Function placement in multi-layer networks under availability objectives. This is an activity currently maintained at Cnam, ROC team, and previously started at LIP6, UPMC, France. The activity is in collaboration with University of Milan and Thales Communications and Services, in the frame of the ANR Reflexion, COST RECODIS and FED4PMR (investissement d'avenir) projects.

Download HA-NFV

Video demonstrations of network design and availability computation with our graphic tool.

Video demonstration "Availability-driven Virtual Network Functions Orchestration on OpenStack" presented at the Rescom Summer School 2017. The demo shows the integration of our tool with Tacker and OpenStack technologies to deploy an availability driven placement.

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